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【已進行消毒】【曾有確診者到訪皇后大道西509號幸鮨屋】【STERILIZED】【An Infected Person Had Visited 509 Queen’s Road West】

按政府昨晚發佈的疫情資訊,確診者 #11334曾經於3月15日到訪皇后大道西509號幸鮨屋。葉錦龍助理今天早上到了幸鮨屋了解並與負責人溝通。負責表示今天餐廳將停業一天並進行深層消毒及清潔,而全店店員亦已預約了今天進行檢測,預料今天之內將會有結果。另外全店的餐具亦已被消毒,未用的即棄餐具亦已被銷毀。

According to the official announcement made by the government, patient #11334 had visited Sushi Shiawase at 509 Queen’s Road West on March 15. Sam’s assistant visited Sushi Shiawase this morning to obtain more information. The manager stated that the restaurant will be closed for the day for deep cleaning and disinfection. Also, all the staff will be tested today, results are expected to be out by the end of the day.

All the cutleries and utensils are sterilized and the plastic utensils are all disposed for the safety of the customers.

各位市民無需過慮,如有任何疑問,可致電 5610-0230 或 Facebook Inbox 我地查詢。For any inquiries please reach us by calling 5610-0230 or Facebook Inbox.


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