【Tell us what you think about the Huo-Yan laboratory We are all ears when the Govt plays deaf.】

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Huo-Yan Laboratory in the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Center is only a bridge away from the residential buildings. The park and the promenade area are also the recreational spots of the neighbourhoods in Sai Wan. Without any relevant information, the district councillors and the neighbourhood are very worried about whether the laboratory will have any negative impact to the community. 

In the absence of regional consultation and public opinion, the site selection of the Huo-Yan Laboratory forced the use of the community space in the Western District and ignored the residents’ opinions. Therefore, we hope to collect the opinions and thoughts of all the neighbours on the Huo-Yan Laboratory , and continue the follow-up work with your public opinion.

[What is the Hong Kong version of the health code?]
(From District Councillor Fergus Leung “Health Code = Social Credit Score Pilot Project”)

Recently, various pro-government politicians have expressed their views that they hope that the government will launch a “health code” as soon as possible, so that citizens who have tested negative for Wuhan Pneumonia can participate in various social activities and enter and exit Hong Kong with the code, and thus renders the static economic activities caused by the epidemic to slowly recover.

🐴We hear this every day, but what is the health code? 🐴

The health code was first launched in China at the beginning of this year. The system will score the health of citizens according to their Wuhan Pneumonia test results, occupation, network, and places they have visited, and then categorise citizens into different levels. When going in and out of public places, even when taking transportation, citizens need to display the health code. People who cannot show the health code or have a low score may not be able to take a ride, engage in various social activities, or even go out.

(Personal information is only used to ensure that the data will not be repeated and will not be disclosed)

Pro-Democracy District Councillors (Central and Western District)

We are now conducting a survey👇to collect your views on this. Please spend a few minutes to let us know your thought.

Questionnaire: https://forms.gle/3UUQST6sftaHQNqv5
中文問卷: https://forms.gle/gsKKDucF9u5bXpa36


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