Day: 2021-03-16

【石塘咀選區零確診】 【ZERO Confirmed Case in Shek Tong Tsui Constituency Today】

本選區今天錄得零確診數字,而中西區整體確診數字亦見下降趨勢。而距離本選區最近的新確診個案分別為 #11316個案(居於西營盤萬林閣) 及 輸入個案 #11330個案 (居於西營盤華大盛品酒店) ,要出入或路過上述兩個地方的市民請注意及保持衛生。 There is no confirmed case in our constituency today and there is also a decreasing trend in the confirmed case number within the Central & Western District. The new cases that are the closest to our constituency are #11316 (who lives in Manifold Court in SYP) and imported case #11330 (who lives in SYP Best Westen Plus Hotel), citizens who live nearby or who should walk by shall stay hygienic. 【另外今天中西區錄得的確診個案資料如下: 】【The other confirmed cases within the C&W dis...
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【#11311確診個案 葉錦龍到雅蘭閣派發口罩及抗疫單張予每個住戶】【Confirmed Case #11311 at Orlins Court】【Sam Distributed Masks and Other Anti-epidemic Supplies to Every Household】

據3月15日衛生防護中心的新聞公佈,有一名居於雅蘭閣的居民亦確診 #武漢肺炎(確診編號 #11311),確診者為36歲女性,於3月14日發病,有病徵。 According to the latest update, a 36-years-old female resident at Orlins Court has contracted the Wuhan virus, the onset date is 14 March with symptoms. 葉錦龍已於3月15日晚上到雅蘭閣派發口罩及抗疫單張予每個住戶,亦派發大支搓手液予座頭。葉錦龍會繼績安排食環署於大廈範圍附近進行洗街,並密切留意個案發展。 Sam distributed masks and other anti-epidemic supplies to every household and management office in Orlins Court. Sam also informed the relevant government department to clean and sterilize the pedestrian area outside Orlins Court. 葉錦龍於政府網上公告發現政府公告只列明雅蘭閣地下至地下低層3樓需接受強制檢測,惟有消息指全裡大廈...
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聖士提反里/屋蘭士里、高街/西邊街封區現場Lockdown area of St. Stephen’s Lane, High Street710名街坊接受檢測,全部結果陰性。街坊可憑陰性檢測報告及手帶離開現場。Negative result for all 710 residents in the area. Residents are allowed to leave their permises from 7:30am.
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