【⚠️留意⚠️只有雅蘭閣地下至地下低層3樓需要做強制檢測】【ONLY the first 3 levels of Orlins Court are subjected to compulsory testing】

據3月15日衛生防護中心的新聞公佈,有一名居於雅蘭閣的居民亦確診 #武漢肺炎(確診編號 #11311),確診者為36歲女性,於3月14日發病,有病徵。

According to the latest update, a 36-years-old female resident at Orlins Court has contracted the Wuhan virus, the onset date is 14 March with symptoms.

According to the online announcement made by the government, only a certain part of the residence was required to do the testing. However some residents reflected to us that residents who live in the other part of the building also received the compulsory testing notice and they were confused. Therefore, Sam inquired with the Home Affair Department (HAD) to clear up the residents’ confusion. The HAD stated that only the shops and residences ranging from the ground floor to the 3rd floor are required to do the testing.

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